Meet Happy Way

When choosing a school for our children, we tend to get swamped by doubts: what is the best thing for the child, what adapts best to the needs of the family, what aspects should one prioritize, etc. In Happy Way we have developed a unique and advanced educational project that both, prepares your children for the future in an atmosphere of trust, well-being and security and, supports parents in their day to day conciliation of their family and working lives.

Happy Way Values

Happy Way was born from the hope to create a nursery where families may share the care and education of their children and receive the necessary support and companionship that helps simplify parenthood.

Why choosing Happy Way?

When looking for a nursery that meets all the needs of the family, there are many factors to keep in mind. In order to help you in this endeavour, we have made a summary with 5 of the aspects that differentiate us.

What our families say

Throughtout these past years, many families have trusted in Happy Way in sharing the fisrt years of their children’s lives. Here you may to read some of the opinions they have wanted to share with us.

Commitment to childhood

Building a more just and fair society depends on everyone of us. Thus we have a strong commitment to children’s rights and collaborate with organizations whose purpose is the development and well-being of children.