Meet Happy Way

When choosing a school for our children, we tend to get swamped by doubts: what is the best thing for the child, what adapts best to the needs of the family, what aspects should one prioritize, etc. In Happy Way we have developed a unique and advanced education programme that both, prepares your children for the future in an atmosphere of trust, well-being and security and, supports parents in their day to day conciliation of their family and working lives.

Happy Way Values

Happy Way was born from the hope to create a nursery where families may share the care and education of their children and receive the necessary support and companionship that helps simplify parenthood.

The 5 Happy Way keys

If you are going through the difficult process of choosing a nursery school for your child, we provide you with a list of 5 aspects that make us stand out and that may help you with the decision making process.

Comments from our families

Many families have placed their trust in Happy Way over the years and have shared the first years of their children’s lives with us. You will find some of their comments here.

Commitment to childhood

Creating a fairer society is everyone’s responsibility, Happy Way was created for children, and this is why we are actively committed to their rights.