If you want to arrange a visit to one of our centres, please contact us and we will book a day and time to meet you.

We are ready to start a new academic year, an exciting journey both for the families and ourselves, with the objective of preparing your children for a great future while they feel happy and safe in the present. The learning capacity of children aged from 0 to 3 years is almost infinite, but many existing education programmes don’t take this potential into consideration. At Happy Way, we have created our own education programme which has been developed by our team of educational psychologists and teachers. A unique and advanced programme, endorsed by the Generalitat de Catalunya, which is based on different pedagogical disciplines covering every area of a child’s development and which takes into account the developmental stage they have reached. We organise a large number of activities based on different topics of interest in which the children play a leading role. This creates an active and lively school where experience, values and emotions go hand in hand: live, feel, create and learn.

The space where children grow and learn is also a very important factor in encouraging their proper development, and must be both planned and designed to take into account the moment in which the children find themselves. At Happy Way we have three exceptional centres, two listed buildings with over 500 m2 of space in each, two environments designed to make the children feel completely at home. A friendly environment with gentle colours, magical areas and spaces to stimulate the curiosity and imagination while offering maximum security: web cameras so that you can observe your children at any time, permanent paediatric care, fingerprint identification and access control, safety doors and special furniture to prevent injuries, a large play area with rubber coated floors, a nutrition panel, our own kitchen, etc.

We also offer a long list of services that were created for parents to facilitate a better balance between work and family life: the school is open 12 months of the year from 7 to 21 h., Happy Summer Camp, after-school activities from Monday to Saturday, webcams to be able to watch your children at any time from work, an e-classroom, professional babysitter service, laundry service, etc.