Children Summer Camp in Happy Way

The months of July and August can be a problem for many parents, and a prolonged period in which our children do not get the stimulation they need in order to develop. This is why we organize our Happy Summer Camp every year at Happy Way, which is open to children aged 12 months to 6 years who are pupils at the centre, and those who are not. This year our campus will be based on the 5 senses and emotions, so the different activities that we schedule will focus on stimulating and reinforcing these:

  • There will be activities to experiment with our senses: with a range of seasonal foods, painting, water in different states such as liquid and gas, different types of paper, materials such as feathers, balls, sand and others. Stimulation of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing.

  • Activities with emotions to express our feelings and moods: with stories, theatre, activities, lap games, water games, massages, music and dance. After-school visits with pupils from P2 and higher to the Science Museum and Barcelona Zoo, as well as weekly swimming courses with specialist monitors.

Teaching objectives of the campus

  • Knowledge and recognition of the different emotions.
  • Enjoyment of a range of activities that establish relationships with other children.
  • Experiential english learning through some of our activities with native teachers.
  • Stimulate fine and gross motor skills while promoting body control such as balance, perception and coordination.
  • Experimenting with senses through the use of different foods and materials associated with summer: fruit, vegetables, herbs, and of course.... Ice-cream!
  • Stimulation and development of artistic and musical expression.
  • Development of the senses through activities such as tasting, smelling, touching and handling, listening and visualising elements, objects, materials, sounds, etc.
  • Having fun and making summer a magical time for our senses and emotions.
  • Introduction to sport.
  • Our Water Parties are intended to introduce children to the possibilities of water.
  • Encourage their contact with the environment and offer them new experiences through open air activities such as school farm and vegatable patch, swimming and trips*.


* Swimming and trips temporarily suspended and pending on the regulations set by the Generalitat according to the descaling phase.


Monday to friday
From 7:00 to 19:00 h

Monday to friday
From 8:00 to 18:00 h

Happy Summer Camp has a flexible booking policy to adapt to the needs of each family. We offer the chance to book places by the week or for days, as required. Places are limited.