Happy Way Turó Park

At Happy Way we have three spacious, light, cosy centres with large green spaces, located in exceptional surroundings: the Happy Way Turó Park and Happy Way Sant Gervasi centres in the elevated area of the city of Barcelona and the Happy Way Sant Cugat centre is located in the historic and cultural quarter of the town of Sant Cugat del Vallès. All our facilities have been designed to guarantee a comfortable and safe environment in which children can move freely and with ease, and they exceed all the safety regulations:

  • Safety doors that prevent little ones from hurting their hands
  • Plugs placed at a height of 170 cm
  • Furniture with rounded edges
  • Large windows that provide natural light throughout the school
  • Blinds that completely isolate daylight for the little ones to have their siestas
  • Air and water purification systems
  • Large playgrounds with rubber covered floors
  • Our own kitchens
  • Comfortable beds with blankets and sheets for the siesta

C/ Bori i Fontestà, 23
(entrance Pl, Wagner)
08021 Barcelona
Tel. 93 209 99 91 - 601 140 038