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Happy Way open the doors so you can come to visit ours schools or, if you prefer, join us for a virtual tour to discover their facilities and the project. You can contact the director of each school (via whatsapp, call or form) at the time that suits you best and enjoy a real or virtual and personalized visit to receive a detailed explanation of our daily routines, the different school areas, the educational project, our teaching team, services, etc.

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Book now your place by contacting directly with the directors of our schools and ask for a virtual tour:

Happy Way Sant Gervasi
Natalia Borovkova

646 960 270 - 93 211 38 00

Happy Way Sant Cugat
Sandra Quintanilla

616 842 765 - 93 676 40 78

Happy Way Turó Park
Verónica Arias

601 140 038 - 93 209 99 91

Happy Way Les Corts
Andrea Celorrio

673 782 082 - 93 222 77 44

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Our parents say

Laura, Luca and
Noa's mother

"Happy Way marked a turning point. We were clear from the first moment: that place and those people would be in charge of the education of our children."

Daniel's mother

"What I liked most was the teacher’s approach to Daniel, respecting his personality, as well as the pedagogical proposal, something that I didn't find anywhere else, in spite of searching a lot".

Carmela and Gerard, parents of Martí and Clàudia

"The peace of mind with which you can go to work knowing your children are in good hands is priceless."

Carolina and Javi,
parents of
Hermes and Biel

"We've had a lot of good, fun times. In the hard moments (especially when you are new) the accompaniment of Happy Way has been a great support".

Happy Way Schools: Live · Feel · Create · Learn

The 5 Happy Way keys

Choosing a school to entrust your children to can be difficult and often stressful. Here, we tell you 5 of the most important aspects that you will find in Happy Way that can help you decide:

Educational project

At Happy Way we have created a unique and advanced educational project certified by the Generalitat de Catalunya, which stimulates the multiple intelligences of each child from the very first moment. Do you want to know how? 


In order to guarantee the physical and emotional health of all children, at Happy Way we follow the recommendations of the health authorities, as well as those of the experts of reference, to incorporate in our schools all the safety and prevention measures and established protocols. Daily hygiene measures in the classrooms, hygiene of all objects used by the children, distance measures, use of gel and gloves, masks, temperature control, disinfectant for shoes, etc. In addition, the school will stagger the access to its entrances for the families and will establish a follow-up of possible cases.